Maternity Style: Equestrian Look

Here is a cute look I have been wearing variations of in this awesome autumn weather we are having. I like to with up the accessories and blazer for a long printed cardigan or scarf. Its an was and trendy look for running errands. But what's best about it? the complete irony of an equestrian feel, as if I'm about to saddle up at a moments notice whilst in full baby-baking stage...makes me giggle!

This was one of my favourite looks in the How to Style your Basics Series. I had just picked up these boots from Nordstrom and we eager to break them in. I have been searching for the perfect riding boot since my first trip to Italy. I was young, broke and wise enough to know I didn't want o be backpacking around with a dead cow on my back, no matter how cute. I rationalized they would be lifted in a hostel for sure and came home empty handed.

Fast forward a couple years to when my husband and I were back in Italy touring by car for our honeymoon. We ended out three week adventure in Rome, and one night while strolling along gelato in hand along the Spanish Steps I decided it was high time I get a pair of authentic Italian boots to call my own. I was an adult not, right? Newly minted Mrs I felt like perhaps I was responsible enough and made it my mission our last few days there to find the perfect pair, selfish and greedy I know. When I SHOULD have been taking my husband to all these great cultural sites I've seen many times before, we perused the shops instead. I just kept him full of cappuccino and street pizza and he was a happy camper.

SHOP THIS LOOK: ecru leggings, blazer, boots

SHOP THIS LOOK: ecru leggings, blazer, boots

Well, you know that annoying thing that happens when you are trying to find something specific? You guessed it, you can never seem to find it. So I didn't find the Italian boots of my dreams on that trip either, but I did manage to find a pair (Canadian made to boot ;) sorry had too) that snuck home in my carryon but I couldn't help feeling like a sheet. All this way to Italy and not one boot that met my demands?! Either way, they were a great boot and I still wear them sometimes, in fact I see a boot sock DIY going around on pinterest featuring them, take a peak here if your interested. 

Italian honeymoon redemption in the boots featured here today! These babies are crafted by fabulous Italian designer Enzo Angiolini and were what I was after back in 2007 abroad. And randomly so guy in WALMRT of all places, stopped mid-shop and burted 'Great boots, eh?' Um, ok, when did men with exceptional fashion sense shop at walmsrt? #oneinamillion.. Let me know what you think about this outfit and check out my pinterest maternity board for lots of inspiration  as well as the rest of the How to style your basics series.