Online Personal Styling

For any returns on items sent to you as per the online personal styling service, you will have three days from pick-up at your post to wrap it back up in original condition, in the packaging provided, and affix the pre-paid shipping label to the outside. Once items are returned to me, I will overlook the condition and make sure they are un-worn. You will only be billed for the items you choose to keep. If you forgot about your stuff and sent it off a little too late (and in original condition), thats ok, but please note there is a heafty charge of 50% of the item(s) as a re-stocking fee. Also, if for some reason the items are not in the original condition they were sent to you, you will incur a full charge for the item in question. 


Please send RETURNS to: 

Project K

PO Box 106 

Harrison Hot Springs, BC

V0M 1K0