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are you a local buyer? need help adding something to your cart? Take a sec & you might 
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1. Select the item(s) you'd like to purchase and add to cart.

2. Proceed to cart and review your order. Make any last minute adjustments here. When ready to finalize your order, choose to 'checkout' via our secure server, or continue with PayPal express.

Checkout via Secure Server: Simply enter your billing and shipping information here. This option is preferable for local orders where cash on delivery or personal check is the chosen method of payment. Please note shipping charges will be applied in the following screen.

PayPal Express: Review your order summary on the left. Please note shipping charges will be applied in the following screen, this is simply a subtotal and a secure form to either SIGN-in to your existing PayPal account, or checkout using your preferred credit card. 


3. Enter any discount codes you may have and select your preferred shipping option(s). Choose which payment method you would like to use to complete this transaction and that's it! You've just bought your favourite new accessory and it will be on its way to you in 3-5* business days.

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