Hello Friend!

As my gluten free cooking classes are becoming more popular, I've decided to try and narrow down what I offer a  little more to give targeted answers and questions to participants. I am super excited to be sharing with you my secrets to yummy gfree food that tastes like the wheat classics you remember. I have included four essential cooking topics I think will be of value to you and know that a two hour class is the bare minimum required when starting on a gluten-free journey. So I will hook you up with the best resources I've been curating for the last six years.

By attending a class, you will gain access to a private members only group where daily recipes, meal planning and information regarding a healthier lifestyle are there to help you sustain this new lifestyle. Gluten free isn't so much a 'diet change' as it is a lifestyle change, where its easier to have everyone on board than risk contamination not to mention doubling food costs if you continue to consume or serve to your family non-gluten free food products. 

In addition to the group you will receive a monthly newsletter with various links to recipes, meal plans and items of interest like upcoming classes in your area, and how you can HOST a cooking class in your own home, to no only empower yourself in your home kitchen, but also teach those around you how to best support you on your healthier new lifestyle. 

May 2016's class schedule is below, and please share this with a friend or family member that has been recently diagnosed wheat intolerant or celiac. I know 6 years ago when my husband was diagnosed celiac, it was a total shock and we didn't know where to start. There were no support services in place to help families and patients cope and learn to adapt a new lifestyle, most often overnight. I wish I knew someone that offered this service back then because I screwed up more time than won it seemed some days. So your friend or aunty or co-worker that has mentioned to you they are trying to change their diet and don't know how-this class is for them. Please share! #themoreyouknow :)