Crazy days. We could dissect the how and the why but all I care about is that there are friends, family, clients and team out in Alberta that need my help right now. I wanted my efforts to be most impactful and knowing how fantastic the Canadian Red Cross is in times of need, and also understanding how our best efforts are through financial contributions and not sending 'stuff' that requires warehousing with full inventory lists. The Canadian Red Cross does need assessments on every individual and endeavors to provide for their specific needs. This includes getting them back to work by providing items like work boots and specially items such as prescription eyewear or medical aids. Their support often stretches out for years and when you donate to a financial appeal the money is earmarked for that and only that.

The best way for me to come up with capital to send and have a great time while doing it is by hosting a shopping night with friends and family, where 100% of profits from sales can go directly to the Alberta Fire Appeals. Who doesn't love to shop? And Arbonne's gluten free, vegan and kosher products are a treat for anyone in your life. By pampering yourself, you're helping a family get back on their feet. Just think, your monthly vitamins or protein powders can go towards years of support for so many families! 

I have great door prizes from local businesses and hope you will considering joining me for a night of yummy gluten free snacks, wine and a generous sampling of Arbonne's most recent makeup and skincare to help you with your purchasing. With over 450 products you're sure to find something you'll love! Please RSVP to the upper left or by clicking here.