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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I share my knowledge about gluten free living, sustainable shopping, and teaching you to establish your online voice. What started in 2009 as a simple product based business has grown and evolved into a complete lifestyle brand. Today I'm excited and proud to offer the exceptional services I've developed over the years to educate and inspire you to live your best life. From Vegan Makeup Classes to Rocking your Best Frock and feeling fab, all services are listed below.

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A little more to the story...

You see, Project K all started because I had this insane calling to make pretty things. 

Since I had only boys, I had to unleash the girliness somewhere. I found my sartorial voice through couture hair accessories and wedding sashes and had a bustling little shop on Etsy for years. I loved that the website allowed me to connect with clients all over the world and I treasured the product photos that would roll in months, sometimes years, after they were sent out. I had clients from every corner including Brazil, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Australia and many local clients as well. My pieces were created with sustainable fabrics, cruelty-free feathers and packaged with recyclable materials as it has always been really important to me to provide the best, with least strain on the environment and its living things.

After photographing a couple of my fascinator collections, it didn't take long for me to realize it it was easier for me to invest a little money in a good camera than to describe to a photographer what I was trying to capture.  Soon I had requests for styling contracts and before I knew it I was commissioned for a small local project produced by National Geographic. I absolutely love styling and creating a team of professionals to execute a look and thankfully I had this line of work to fall back on, as in the fall of 2014 I had elective eye surgery and the outcome was not as planned. I lost my vision for fine detail and reading and began to rely on my photography and styling services as income more as production on all accessories came to an immediate halt. This was devastating to me as I loved the creative freedom designing gave me, but I simply could not see to make them anymore.

Styling services grew fast and before I knew it closet overhauls and personal shopping clients filled my time up and I didn't miss creating as much anymore. Makeup Artists and hair stylist became my new BFF's and my desire to provide my style clients with clean, sustainable products carried over until this line of work as well. It was important for me to ensure clients had the best allergen-free makeup that also PERFORMED on camera as I had learned first hand through my family's allergies there were way too many nasties in products out there to use just anything. 

It was when my youngest son was diagnosed with Celiac disease (just like his father) I knew partnering with an amazing gluten free brand was in my future. I never EVER pictured myself as the network marketing type, but once I took a close look at the business and how I could incorporate it into my business, I knew I had to give it a chance. I had nothing to lose, I was already hooked on the products, and teaching others about the low level toxins in our products had worked it way into my daily conversations because of what my family had endured over the previous years.

Today, Project K shoots one Rock the Frock Photoshoot per month as my seminars, clinics and public speaking arrangements take up the majority of my time. I'm so passionate about encouraging others to be their own health advocate and be aware of what is in the food and products we use on a daily basis. I feel strongly that through education we can empower change on a government level and I work with non-profits such as Vancouver Eco Fashion Week, Shape Your World Society and The Pink Stiletto Women's Network to advocate for cleaner products for not only the fashion industry, but also you, the consumer. My gluten free cooking classes are available across the lower mainland and if you're looking how to rock your small businesses online, check out my free webinars and online courses.

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